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  Disaster Recovery Services

An unplanned downtime can cripple your business operations while costing you in terms of customers, reputation and profitability. The causes of a disaster can be natural or man-made.

When an unexpected disruption strikes, you need a robust disaster recovery solution that helps you keep your business up and running. You need a reliable solution that enables you to limit the financial losses resulting from an IT downtime.

The cloud can play a crucial role when it's used as a part of an organization's disaster recovery (DR) plan. Since the cloud in usually in a different seismic zone and distant physical location, in the event of a disaster, it helps you gain remote access and recover your mission-critical data in a secure virtual environment. Disaster recovery from the cloud usually gives you more scalability, reliability and efficiency than remote on-premise solutions.

So, is your Disaster Recovery plan in place? Are you sure your DR strategy will enable you to get your data back in an event of an outage?

How Team makes DR work for you?

Custom-made for your business and IT priorities, we provide robust DR services that aligns with your business objectives. Our DR services help you to:

  •  Design and build a DR strategy that gives your firm the capability to recover critical business services in case of a disaster.
  •  Lower your DR costs through our proven approach, deep domain expertise and industry experience.
  •  Provide plans for DR drills to ensure organizational readiness in the unlikely event of a disaster

Eliminate data loss for your business-critical applications with our Disaster Recovery Services.