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  pView - Power view

pView is an analytical tool with interactive reporting. pView is highly configurable in adding new analytical modules for intelligent reporting like Causal analysis or Predictive analysis.

It is a unique tool in terms of auto detecting alerts and events using dynamic algorithm, which is based on the moving average computation. pView helps in performing causal analysis along with the events and alerts thus saves precious time of operation team to act and fix the event.

Highlights about pView are:

  •  It generates intelligent reports with auto threshold analysis.
  •  Threshold Events are detected using a dynamic algorithm.
  •  Presents causal analysis along with threshold alerts hence saves critical time to act and fix the issue.
  •  pView is based on an open framework rule engine hence easy to add analytical module.

Networks have become complex in terms of network operational activities. Products and services operating in these networks are generating large volume of data in various formats and forms. Data hides immense value deep inside itself which can be leverage in specific tasks like analyzing data to save operational cost OR enhancing product value OR even launching new product and services. pView delivers the value by providing means to perform data analytics.