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  SaaS Partners

Software-as-a-Service or SaaS, an application licensing and delivery model, helps enterprises optimize resources and deliver a superior customer and user experience. Hosted by a vendor or a service provider’s datacenter, SaaS allows you to own, deliver, and manage your business applications remotely on a paid subscription basis.

We are technology partners to top SaaS providers such as:


IBM SaaS solutions can augment your existing portfolio of SaaS and on-premise offerings, enabling you to do more. We provide IBM Verse Mailining solution on the cloud apart from Lotus/Domino on-premise solutions. We also offer IBM Connexion and Social offerings to our clients. You can focus on driving sales through support while IBM runs and delivers the SaaS application from its data center and we provide support for the same.


Microsoft SaaS Services are subscription-based, on-demand applications and hosted services, providing your firm with productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365. Available only in select Microsoft Office 365 service plans, Office Professional Plus delivers the productivity of Office in a flexible, pay-as-you-go service model.

How can we help you?

Our SaaS services can help you avoid upfront costs as you pay only for what you use.

Our services come with skilled, experienced professional support that see higher user adoption and more return on your investment. We can help you deliver real business value to the organization, deliver new services faster, boost the customer experience and help you to capture new business opportunities.