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  IaaS Partners

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the virtual delivery of computing resources in the form of hardware, networking, and storage services, is increasingly gaining ground.

You can rent your infrastructure – servers, storage and networking – in the cloud and do away with the need to spend on your hardware requirements. We are technology partners to a number of IaaS providers such as:


SoftLayer, an IBM Company, provides end-to-end cloud infrastructure as a service to a large number of enterprises, irrespective of their sizes. The company gives products and services that include bare metal and virtual servers, networking, turnkey big data solutions, private cloud solutions, and more.


AWS has the richest array of IaaS capabilities and offers Xen-virtualized multitenant and single-tenant compute (Elastic Compute Cloud) with multitenant storage, including object storage with an integrated CDN (Amazon Simple Storage Service and CloudFront, a Docker container service.

How can we help you?

Our IaaS services give you an infrastructure that scales on demand – perfect for growing workloads that demand speed, flexibility and resilience.

Our Cloud IaaS offer infrastructure capabilities such as elastic compute and storage. By hosting your IT system in the cloud, you can cut down your expenses on servers, software, data center space and network equipment.

With our IaaS offerings, we help you to achieve faster time-to-value and make your business more agile.