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About Riant

Headquartered in New Delhi, Riant Consulting is a customer-driven and rapidly growing organization that offers an innovative portfolio of IT Solutions and Services. Built and run by technology enthusiasts, the company works on the principle of transforming possibilities into realities. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the solutions and services by Riant Consulting affirms organization to grow, innovate and differentiate. We strive relentlessly for excellence and believe in delivering exceptional business value to our customers and partners through our portfolio of offerings.

We believe in building a happy and robust customer base, while maintaining consistency in everything we do. Our aim also lies in staying ahead of the curve and ensuring profitability across all our strategic business operational domains.

Our team of storage and server experts can help you

  •  Achieve effective utilization of infrastructure investments.
  •  Design, transform, and support your storage and server solutions.
  •  Help you understand the current capabilities of your storage and server infrastructure.
  •  Get a better ROI at a much faster pace.
  •  Reduce time and costs for routine storage and server management tasks.
  •  Minimize risks and enable you to meet the performance and operational needs of your business.

We know how to optimize your storage and server investments and help you get an environment designed to accommodate your business requirements.